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A cycle of anabolic androgenic steroids is a scheme or program of dosed administration, based on a strategic combination of steroids in order to maximize the results obtained by the athlete, decreasing side effects and reducing costs.


Oral cycles are great for people who have never used anabolics, don’t want injections, or don’t have the time for someone else to inject them. they are safe and do not need Post-cycle. It is recommended to use a liver cleanser at the end of the cycle.


A cycle in a woman should always be supplied under the recommended doses for them, they should be coupled to their menstrual cycle, starting the cycle just at the end of their period. the use of a Post-cycle is fully necessary.


The main function of the post cycle is to return hormonal levels to normal, to help as much as possible to maintain muscle, strength and endurance gains. Also prevent the accumulation of fat, improve libido and mood of the person.