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Brand: VETanabolic
Package: 5mg/tab, 50 tabs
Substance: stenabolic SR9009

Stenabolic or SR-9009 works similarly to Cardarine and can be very effective, especially if you are looking to burn fat.

Stenabolic activates a protein belonging to the family of intracellular transcription factors within the alpha and beta receptors, which separate genes. Additionally, it helps regulate the circadian clock and the breakdown of cartilage. As a result, Stenabolic increases exercise capacity through the mitochondria in skeletal muscle.

According to different studies, it has been shown that Stenabolic Sr-9009 balances cholesterol levels, and ensures the burning of fat and glucose in the muscles.

Stenabolic helps greatly increase endurance and speed up metabolism even up to burning fat at rest.

Stenabolic is non-hormonal. Consequently, there is no risk of estrogen problems, androgenic problems, or shutdown of suppression of HPTA functions. It is also not methylated like most oral steroids are, so it is not hepatotoxic, and there will be no need for a supportive supplement as it does not cause liver damage.



Increase in cardiovascular endurance

Burn fat or adipose tissue in any state

Does not produce stimulant effects

It has no side effects

Does not cause liver damage