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Brand: VETanabolic
Package: 150mg/ml, 10ml
Substance: trenbolone mix

Tri trembolone

Tri-Trenbolone is an extremely strong mix of 3 active Trenbolone compounds combined. These are trenbolone acetate, hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (which was the only version of trenbolone available for use in humans), and enanthate. The tri-trenbolone formula was created in 2004 by the British Dragon Laboratory, the largest and most powerful clandestine laboratory that has ever existed. British Dragon had a huge number of customers and its profits could be compared to legitimate pharmaceutical companies. British Dragon has been out of existence for several years, and today there are still brands that claim to be the original British Dragon of the past, but they are just attempts. However, their tri-trenbolone formula continues to be produced by other laboratories.